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TJ Coakley

Adults who want to start Karate!!!

We have had several adults take Karate with their children - either as buddies or joining themselves. The first couple of classes are intimidating and can be a challenge - trust me - I know - I didn't start karate until I was in my (very) late 30's... LIke Fran, I was sitting in the gallery watching Robert and Aidan take classes... I was already committed to the time there - so what the heck right :)

At OKKA Mullica Hill - we understand that Adults are different, and while we train together with our children, we can't always kick as high as we once could and certainly don't want to look foolish out there... We strive for "Personal Best" for each of our students. We expect more self-motivation from our adults and understand that you have to be able to get up and go to work the next have to push yourself, but you better than anyone, know your limits.

Just like running... you don't start out running 10K races... you train, get to know your strengths and weaknesses and then push to achieve your goals. Karate is the same way - whether your goal is a family friendly activity, improving fitness and flexibility, confidence, a Black Belt (and beyond), or all of the above - Karate is a great activity for adults.

So if you have been thinking about coming out on the floor but are maybe a little hesitant - speak to us about it. We can do a quick start class in private (free of charge) to get you comfortable with the class structure, and anything else you might need to help you feel more comfortable with the process...
August 30, 2013