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Birthday and Special Event Parties

Need a great venue for a birthday party?   Want it to be turn-key?  We do that!!!  All you do is show up with the birthday child and a camera?

In addition to the awesome theme activities, we provide themed invitations, the paper goods, pizza, a beverage, the cake, and a goodie bag for all participants.

At OKKA  – Every birthday child cuts their cake with a Samurai Sword.

Karate Themed Parties

Our Karate themed parties are 90 minutes of high energy karate lessons, games, obstacles courses, food, fun, and prizes for everyone. All you have to do is relax and charge your camera (or phone) battery  – because we do all the work.

In addition to cutting their cake with a Samurai Sword, each birthday child gets to break a real wood board as part of their party.

You can add on the following options:

  • Board Breaking Party – All children get to break a board after a lesson in proper technique.  (Hand gear is provided.)
  • Ninja Sword Party – Training on the use of a Katana Sword using play swords which the children get to keep.
  • “Chucks” Party – each child gets practice nunchucks and a lesson on using them.

Ninja Competition Party

90 Minutes of team competitions including relay races, jousting, dodge ball, Tug-o-War. You can also add the optional Parkour themed obstacle course for the ultimate high-energy event.
(Recommended for groups of 20-24 and ages 6+)

NERF Parties

Nerf Parties are 2 hours of Nerf battles, food and cake.   The birthday child can pick from a number of Nerf themed games like capture the flag, last person standing, team elimination, etc.   Safety glasses are required to be worn while “nerfing”.  We provide glasses to any child who does not have them.  At the end of the party parents are typically invited to join in the fray (time permitting).

And YES, we do have Nerf parties for ADULTS available.

Ultimate Nerf Party

Bring your own weapon, we provide the darts (N-Strike Elite, Mega, and Rival).  We have over 3000 nerf projectiles ready to go.

Turn Key Nerf Party

We provide the weapons and darts.  We have two styles of Nerf gun available – Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptors (ages 6+), and Nerf Rival Helios (ages 10+).    This party sets an even playing field for guests – no Nerf Arms Race to contend with.

Party Options and Pricing

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